Apache Cassandra Support

Apache Cassandra consulting services help companies establish or upgrade highly effective solutions based on Cassandra technology to address their big data needs.

Consulting on your big data strategy

Our consultants will bring in deep knowledge of Apache Cassandra to help you define your big data strategy. With our help, you’ll be fully capable of:

  • Realizing all Cassandra’s opportunities with regard to your specific project.
  • Identifying all possible risks and pitfalls and solving or, where possible, preventing problems connected with them.
  • Choosing additional technologies for your solution to accompany Cassandra and help it reveal its potential to the fullest.

Consulting on your big data architecture

Our group can assist you with getting a superior and more profound comprehension of the information base as a vital part of your answer’s design. That’s what to do, we will share our mastery and encourage you on the ways of noting an assortment of your engineering-related questions, for example:

  • What number of server farms and hubs will you really want?
  • How might you reproduce your information?
  • What compaction and pressure methodologies would it be advisable for you to pick?
  • What is it that you really want to do to get your information without influencing the arrangement’s presentation?

Cassandra data modeling

To shield Cassandra’s high working rates, our experts will go to best practices in Cassandra’s information displaying. They will plan your model without any preparation, keeping the quantity of information peruses at least and spreading information uniformly across the bunch. On the other hand, our experts can make changes and enhancements to the information model of an all around existing arrangement.

Get the most with Cassandra Consulting & Implementation Services

We assist you with taking full advantage of Apache Cassandra and DataStax Endeavor by tending to all parts of advancement and sending, including introductory plan, design, execution, and execution tuning. Our committed specialists give beginning reaction and episode the executives for your Cassandra-based administrations, as well as day-in and day-out upkeep and functional help, with adaptable month-to-month, get that don’t secure you.

Health Checks

For designing groups utilizing Cassandra to convey jobs at scale, it is basic to screen the bunch’s wellbeing continuously to keep away from execution issues. Cassandra is a Java-based framework that can be overseen and checked by means of JMX. A portion of the key measurements, known as Brilliant Signs of utilization wellbeing, that are vital to screen include:

  • Throughput of read and write request queries
  • Latency of slowest queries
  • Error rates

Performance Tuning

We have a demonstrated record of progress in finding and fixing client execution issues, in any event, when different organizations, including Apache Support, couldn’t determine the issue.

Nagios-software Support for Cassandra

Nagios is open-source software dedicated to monitoring computers, networks, hosts, and services and can alert you when things are going wrong or have been resolved. It is extremely versatile and has the capability to monitor many types of services, applications, or parts of an application. Let’s start at the bottom of the monitoring chain and work our way up. In order to avoid a complete lesson on monitoring, we will only cover the basics along with what the most common checks should be as they relate to Cassandra and its operation.

OS and Hardware Checks

When monitoring any machine, it’s best to start out with the checks at the OS and hardware layers. Even if you are running Cassandra in a virtualized environment such as Amazon or Rackspace, there are still hardware(ish) checks that should be instituted. We also provide more things for your Cassandra… 1. Disks and Partitions, 2. Swap, 3. Clock Drift, 4. Ping Times, 5. CPU Usage, & 6. Cassandra-Specific Health Checks ( a. Ports, b. JMX Checks, c. Log Monitoring, etc.)


Basic Rules of Cassandra Data Modeling

Picking the right information model is the hardest piece of utilizing Cassandra. On the off chance that you have a social foundation, CQL will look natural, however the manner in which you use it tends to be altogether different. The objective of this post is to make sense of the fundamental standards you ought to remember while planning your pattern for Cassandra. Assuming you keep these guidelines, you’ll get very great execution out of the container. Even better, your presentation ought to scale straightly as you add hubs to the group.

Consulting on your big data architecture

Engineers coming from a social foundation ordinarily continue rules about social demonstrating and attempt to apply them to Cassandra. To try not to throw away energy on decisions that don’t exactly make any difference with Cassandra, I need to bring up certain objectives:

  • Limit the Quantity of Composes
    Cassandra is streamlined for high compose throughput, and practically all composes are similarly efficient. In the event that you can perform extra writes to work on the productivity of your reader questions, it’s quite often a decent tradeoff.
  • Limit Information Duplication
    Denormalization and duplication of information is an unavoidable truth with Cassandra. Circle space is by and large the least expensive asset (contrasted with a computer processor, memory, plate IOPs, or organization), and Cassandra is architected around that reality. To get the most productive peruses, you frequently need to copy information.

Spread Data Evenly Around the Cluster

You believe each hub in the group should have generally similar measure of information. Cassandra makes this simple, yet at the same it’s anything but guaranteed. Columns are spread around the group in view of a hash of the segment key, which is the principal component of the Essential KEY. Thus, the way to spreading information equally is this: pick a decent essential key. I’ll clarify how for do this in a little.

Minimize the Number of Partitions Read

Parts are gatherings of lines that share a similar segment key. At the point when you issue a read inquiry, you need to peruse lines from as couple of segments as could really be expected. For what reason is this significant? Each segment might dwell on an alternate hub. The organizer will by and large have to give separate orders to isolate hubs for each segment you demand. This adds a great deal of above and builds the variety in idleness. Besides, even on a solitary hub, it’s more costly to peruse from numerous parcels than from a solitary one because of how columns are put away.

Determine What Queries to Support

Attempt to decide precisely the exact thing inquiries you want to help with. This can incorporate a ton of contemplations that you may not consider from the outset. For instance, you might have to contemplate:

  • Gathering by a quality
  • Requesting by a characteristic
  • Sifting in light of some arrangement of conditions
  • Upholding uniqueness in the outcome set and so forth …

Changes to only one of these question necessities will habitually warrant an information model change for most extreme productivity.

Try to create a table where you can satisfy your query by reading (roughly) one partition

Practically speaking, this for the most part implies you will utilize approximately one table for every inquiry design. Assuming you want to help with various question designs, you typically need more than one table. To put this another way, each table ought to pre-fabricate the “reply” to a significant level of inquiry that you really want to help. Assuming you want various kinds of replies, you generally need various tables. This is the manner by which you upgrade for peruses. Keep in mind, that information duplication is alright. A considerable lot of your tables might rehash similar information.

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Health Checks

Our clients have found our Database Health Checks to be essential to the security, stability, and performance of their vital database environments.

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Are you fully utilizing the features of your database to maximize system efficiency? We can help determine the performance of your database computing environment.

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Many agree that the best solution for avoiding downtime and data loss in a production environment is to implement a preventive maintenance strategy before problems occur.

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Whether cross-platform or cross-vendor our methodology and experience can save you time and money with our analysis and assessment, including estimated schedules and costs.


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