PowerBI Services

Power BI administration is a cloud-based business examination and information representation administration that empowers anybody to imagine and dissect information with more prominent speed, effectiveness, and understanding. It interfaces clients to an expansive scope of information through simple to-utilize dashboards, intuitive reports, and convincing representations that rejuvenate information.

What are the main features of Power BI Service?

The Main Features of Power BI Service UI are the following:

  1. Navigation pane (left nav)
  2. Canvas (in this case, dashboard with tiles)
  3. Q&A question box
  4. Icon buttons, including help and feedback
  5. Dashboard title (navigation path, aka breadcrumbs)
  6. Office 365 app launcher
  7. Power BI home button
  8. Labeled icon buttons 


  • My Workspace: Create an app workspace where you bundle content into an app and make it available to others in your organization, or create an app workspace and give colleagues access to that workspace so you can share and collaborate.
  • App Workspace: App workspaces are used to collaborate and share content with colleagues. They are also the places where you create, publish, and manage apps for your organization. You can add colleagues to your app workspaces and collaborate on dashboards, reports, workbooks, and datasets.


Datasets are an assortment of information we will use in power bi. We can import information or lay out an association with cloud informational indexes over HTTP. Datasets are related to the work area. In the work area, we work on information. A dataset can be essential for various work areas.

  • can be used over and over in one or in many workspaces. 
  • can be used in many different reports. 
  • Visualizations from that one dataset can display on many different dashboards.
  • We can rename, refresh and remove datasets.

Benefits of PowerBI Services

Below are the key advantages of Power BI Services:

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing applications
  • Rich personalized dashboards
  • Publish reports securely
  • No memory and speed constraints
  • No specialized technical support required
  • Extracting business intelligence rapidly and accurately
  • Balanced simplicity and performance
  • Supports Advanced Data services

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