Windows Server Management

Server the board is the most common way of overseeing and keeping up with servers to keep them running with the least personal time. It includes a bunch of schedules that stretch between Operating System organizations, Patch Management, Software Deployment, and Security Implementations for every one of the servers inside an organization.

OS Deployment

Fast OS sending is a pivotal undertaking, on servers specifically. Conveying Server OS could require a pack of muddled exercises like designing BIOS, RAID, Remote Control Settings, and so forth. Endpoint Central’s extra bundle – ManageEngine OS Deployer, is one of the server-the-board devices that comes in as the best answer for IT executives needing to send Operating Systems on various servers at the same time.

Software Distribution

Programming Distribution on different servers is one of the vital jobs of Server Management instruments. Going to Software Installation on individual machines consumes a ton of time and exertion separated from decreasing efficiency. Endpoint Central’s Software Distribution choices play out the job of a server director and help to do Remote programming establishments and mechanize the product establishment process on the organization Servers in a coordinated way.

Remote Desktop Sharing

Server the executives programming is in this way, a fundamental device for an IT overseer to need to perform server the board and checking. Endpoint Central’s online choices stretch out executives’ simple admittance to servers from any place in the organization without requiring any local client. Further, clients can be made to indicate the justification for Logging on to the distant Server, a fundamental snippet of data expected during the review.

Windows Configurations

Arranging Windows applications, framework settings, work area settings and security approaches on the organization servers is fundamental to consent to the particular necessities across the enterprise. Desktop Configuration, Computer Configuration, Application Configuration, and Security Configurations are the four comprehensively characterized setups presented by Endpoint Central’s windows server the board programming that takes special care of all the design prerequisites of Server Management. Look at the Windows Configurations site to know more.

Security Implementations

Performing the role of a server manager, Endpoint Central’s server management solution caters to the security requirements of Windows Server Management in the following ways,

  • Making the Servers less vulnerable by a routine management of the OS and applications Patches and Service Packs.
  • Attending to the AntiVirus Definition updates to stay out of damage created by any new threat.
  • Monitor User Logon details to keep inline with Audit requirements.
  • Enable/ disable Windows security policies under Control Panel, MMC modules, restricting USB access etc, to maintain network privacy.
  • Grant File, Folder, and Registry permissions for specific users, based on their needs.
  • Exclude unnecessary services and limit them to essential ones that ought to run on a particular Server.

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